10 round 44Mag magazines — in development

10/18/22 —

After nearly 2-years of effective silence on the front of any of the higher capacity magazines for Ruger 357, and 44mag, carbines, we are building up to a new approach to providing magazines to you, our welcomed array of Ruger carbine enthusiasts.
So, what are we up to??

  1. Plastic injection molding of the body-halves, and ‘follower’.
    — Quantity & involved-time of production was a major challenge to us from day 1 and has been a sticking point that we have wanted to overcome as we go forward.
    — Sufficient toughness and survivability of the plastic injection molded magazines is an absolute must.
  2. Fully designed, sourced, and made, in USA. We have been privileged to have a close connection with a decades-experienced Plastic Injection Molding designer, and the companies they recommend.
  3. Below 100-dollar price point.
    –Even originally the idea of selling a magazine for well-over 100 dollars was hard to stomach, but, staring at the numbers pertaining to materials-costs and machining time, we couldn’t deny the fact that ‘these things are going to cost this much?!’. This time around, one hugely favorable part is how low-cost the fiber-reinforced plastic-injection-molded bodies will be.
    —As well, we have discovered the steel feed lips are able to be scaled back considerably, so, one of the most challenging-to-produce parts has just gotten much simpler, thus reducing materials-costs, and manufacturing time, again. Excellent..!
  4. Available quantity.
    –The last time around it took us over a month(solid) to make 200+ 44-Magnum magazines. After initial handling, testing and review of 20+ ‘plastic magazines’ in the month ahead, we will be aiming to do a first-run of somewhere around 2,000 magazines, which should keep most everyone happy for a while, and we do not plan on stopping there.
  5. Regarding the 77/357 magazine: we haven’t gotten around to redesigning it for injection molding, yet, as we are still waiting to see how this endeavor with the 44Mag magazines goes. Some-day though….

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