Important notice regarding fit & function of the Ruger 10 round magazine
All the components that make up the IQM 10 round magazine are machined from solid bar stock on the latest generation of U.S.A. made CNC milling machines. All dimensions are held within one half thousandth of an inch to insure reliable fit and function. From our own experience, and feedback from our customers, we have discovered that dimensional differences exist from one Ruger rifle to another by as much as 15 to 20 thousandths of an inch. Primarily in the magazine cutout in the wood or synthetic stock. In a majority of the guns out there our mags fit just fine, but in a small percentage of the guns the mags may be too loose or too tight and slight adjustments must be made to the mag well opening in the stock with a file or Dremel tool. If you have any fitment issues in your gun with our magazine please contact us first if you need any assistance.
We have function tested the 10 round magazine in our shop guns firing thousands of rounds of various types of 44 magnum ammo (cartridge overall length and bullet shape) from numerous manufactures. Through all the testing we have determined that the optimum cartridge overall length for reliable functioning is between 1.60” to 1.645” when the magazine is loaded with 10 rounds. When fully loaded the magazine spring exerts substantial force on the top two rounds in the magazine. When the fully loaded mag is placed in the guns mag well on a closed bolt it pushes down on the top cartridge forcing the nose of the bullet down. With cartridges of the correct O.A.L this does not create a feeding issue for the top two rounds in the mag, but with cartridges shorter than 1.60” pushing the nose down also causes the shorter cartridge to move forward far enough to allow the top two rounds in the magazine to lock their rims together and prevent any feeding into the chamber. If you insist on using cartridges shorter than 1.60” you are on your own, as we cannot guarantee reliable functioning. If you do not load your own ammo, Hornady FTX 225 grain 44 mag ammo performs flawlessly, as does HSM’s 305 grain Bear Load, and IQ Munitions 400 grain subsonic. We strongly recommend testing your preferred ammo in our magazine by manually cycling a loaded magazine before going into the field. Lastly, using our magazine in the Ruger 99/44 Deerfield semi-auto carbine, you need to pay special attention to the tightness of the screws holding the stock to the receiver. Due to the pounding the receiver takes from the reciprocating bolt the screws will loosen over time and any movement between the receiver and the stock may cause the magazine to fall out during firing.

Warranty and returns
We do offer a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty for defects in materials and workmanship. If you have any issues with the fit or function of our magazines please contacts us initially at ma**@iq*********.com and leave a phone number so we can contact you when we are not working in the noisy shop environment. If for some reason we are not able to work out a problem (magazine related, not gun related) with you we will accept returns only if the magazine is in “new” condition but you will need a return authorization number.