I have had the luxury of shooting suppressed firearms since the year 2000. Back then, while suppressors were not uncommon in the circles that I ran in, consistently reliable subsonic ammunition was not so easy to come by. I recall buying numerous brands of 9mm ammo, claiming to be subsonic,Read More →

100 yard test groupings

Several months back, while I was developing some subsonic loads, I went to the local range for testing and ran into a very interesting older gentlemen, 80 years old to be exact, who was there to participate in a bench rest competition the very next day. As I was told,Read More →

45-70 550 grain Subsonic

The latest in our growing family of Magnuforce Subsonic ammunition. This 45-70, 550 grain subsonic ammo is the perfect compliment to the Henry X Model and the Marlin Dark 45-70 lever guns with their suppressor ready threaded barrels. As with all of the Magnuforce Subsonic ammo line the projectiles weRead More →

77 Series Improved Magazine Release Lever

A brief step by step guide to installing our Extended Magazine Release in a Ruger 77/44. Step 1. Remove magazine Step 2. Remove screw from behind the trigger guard Step 3. Screw removed Step 4. Remove the trigger guard Step 5. Side view of magazine catch Step 6. Push pinRead More →

Back in the late 90’s, subsonic 5.56/223 ammo that would reliably cycle an unmodified M-16 or AR-15 was only a mythical beast, at least in the circles that I ran in. I understood the premise that a heavy-for-caliber bullet was needed but nothing off the shelf was readily available. Read More →