45-70 550 grain Subsonic

No excuses terminal performance

The latest in our growing family of Magnuforce Subsonic ammunition. This 45-70, 550 grain subsonic ammo is the perfect compliment to the Henry X Model and the Marlin Dark 45-70 lever guns with their suppressor ready threaded barrels. As with all of the Magnuforce Subsonic ammo line the projectiles we use are custom made just for us by one of the premier bullet casters in the U.S. Through the cooperation of our U.S. mold maker we develop our molds specifically for maximum terminal effect and accuracy as depicted by the 5 shot group fired from our suppressed Henry X Model 45-70. Due to careful selection of our powder, bullet weight, and length, we can hold our velocities with exceptional consistency, and with standard deviations in the single digits, lot after lot. The felt recoil from our subsonic ammo is 50% less than standard 45-70 loadings which offers less wear and tear on both the gun and the shooter. The Hi-Tek supercoat bullet coating virtually eliminates lead fowling in your barrel. Lastly, with 1000 foot per second velocity and 550 grain projectile, 1230 foot pounds of muzzle energy and 1-1.25 MOA accuracy this ammo is truly effective for humane kills on big game out to 200 yards. So what are you waiting for?

45-70 5-shot group @ 100yds
Magnuforce Subsonic 45-70 Govt Fired from a suppressed Henry X-model Lever gun

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