45 Colt Rides Again Henry X Lever-Action Carbine with suppressor and 400gr 45 colt ammunition

Being a lever gun fan, it surprises me that I never took notice of the .45 Colt cartridge until fairly recently when several firearms manufacturers introduced to the market .45 colt lever guns with threaded barrels. Namely:  Bighorn Armory, Henry USA, Citadel Levtac and the newest (still upcoming) offering fromRead More →

As lovers of quite guns, we’re always looking for like-minded people. David, the owner of and creative mind behind Wren Metal Works, is an enthusiastic & creative individual bound to make a name for himself, and his company, with the elaborate suppressed rifle system he’s created in Philomath, Oregon. WhileRead More →

9mm Magnuforce Display

I have had the luxury of shooting suppressed firearms since the year 2000. Back then, while suppressors were not uncommon in the circles that I ran in, consistently reliable subsonic ammunition was not so easy to come by. I recall buying numerous brands of 9mm ammo, claiming to be subsonic,Read More →

100 yard test groupings

Several months back, while developing some subsonic loads, I went to the local range for testing and ran into a very interesting older gentlemen, 80 years old to be exact, who was there to participate in a bench rest competition the very next day. He travels around the country inRead More →

45-70 550 grain Subsonic

The latest in our growing family of Magnuforce Subsonic ammunition. This 45-70, 550 grain subsonic ammo is the perfect compliment to the Henry X Model and the Marlin Dark 45-70 lever guns with their suppressor ready threaded barrels. As with all of the Magnuforce Subsonic ammo line the projectiles weRead More →

Back in the late 90’s, subsonic 5.56/223 ammo that would reliably cycle an unmodified M-16 or AR-15 was only a mythical beast, at least in the circles that I ran in. I understood the premise that a heavy-for-caliber bullet was needed but nothing off the shelf was readily available. Read More →