Wren Metal Works – Quiet, Functional Art

As lovers of quite guns, we’re always looking for like-minded people.

David, the owner of and creative mind behind Wren Metal Works, is an enthusiastic & creative individual bound to make a name for himself, and his company, with the elaborate suppressed rifle system he’s created in Philomath, Oregon. While we initially connected with him this passed year over some ammo and such, we quickly learned of his skillful talent, and zeal for presenting some incredible integrally suppressed firearms.

We have since gotten together to share some stories, shoot quite a bit of ammo (all without any need for hearing protection), and ogle each others manufactured goods (we’re a big fan of his guns and he’s a fan of our ammunition – it fits perfectly into his custom made quivers). His ability to turn a dream-concept into tangible goods, appreciation for keeping public disturbance to a minimum, and ability to make it all come together, is a force to be reckoned with.

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