77 Series Improved Magazine Release Lever

Ruger 77/44 Extended Magazine Release Installation

A brief step by step guide to installing our Extended Magazine Release in a Ruger 77/44.

Step 1. Remove magazine

Step 2. Remove screw from behind the trigger guard

Step 3. Screw removed

Step 4. Remove the trigger guard

Step 5. Side view of magazine catch

Step 6. Push pin out

Step 7. Push Magazine catch to release factory lever

Step 8. Slide the extended lever into the assembly and re-install the pin

Step 9. Re-install the trigger guard

Step 10. Re-install the screw behind the trigger guard


  1. Will you be doing the 10 round Mag for the Ruger77/357, and the extended release?

    1. Author

      J, our .44 extended mag release works on the 357 as well. We are going to produce 10 round mag for the 357 but due to our current work load it will be several months before we make the first prototype. Gary

  2. I’m excited to hear about the 77/357 10 round magazine version. I’m ordering the extended magazine release now. It is definitely a weak design that looks like you corrected with this extended magazine release.

  3. Does the 44 extended mag release work on a 96/44?

    1. Author

      So, we disassembled the 96/44 release just the other day, and have found that it is not the same as either the 77/44, or the 99/44. It will require a variation all of its own.
      Some day perhaps — but, no kidding, it does need it; the factory release is awful.

  4. Anxiously waiting for a setup for the 96/44 10 rd magazine. I like what you have done for the other variations of the ruger 44 mag!

  5. Looking forward to the magazine release to be installed on my 77/44; my rifle has several hundred rounds through it so far, and has been reliable with my carefully assembled loads. However, the factory magazine release is certainly not conducive to an efficient tax reload. I’m hoping that I’ll be able to achieve magazine swaps with only one hand, and to keep the rifle up on target while doing so. We’ll see.

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