Using our 10-rd magazine in the 96/44, a simple resolution, finally.

While our 10-round magazine always fit & fed in the 96/44(Ruger’s Lever-action 44 Magnum), spent cartridges would commonly hang-up in the ejection port opening, preventing being able to load ‘the next round’. Well, we had the time to look-over where exactly the spent cartridges were hanging up, and took to a trial an error approach, and turned out successful on the 2nd try. There is a seemingly purpose-less half-round channel in the top of the receiver which is where the rim of the spent cartridge was catching as it would try to eject. Our second attempt amounted to a 5/16″ brass rod, reduced to a half-round shape and pressed into the receiver channel — bingo!!
Spent cartridges no longer hang up while shooting when using our 10-round magazine.

Above you can see our first trial and error bit, the milled out area off to the right, which did not solve a thing; and to the left, the half-round brass piece filling in the channel, which now allows spent cartridges to eject free and clear.

Check out our informative installation video.

As stated in the video, any first-time buyer of a magazine for their 96/44(Lever gun) will receive a free ‘brass adapter-insert’ to make ejection possible.


  1. is the magazine currently available, I have a lever action version And would appreciate the larger magazine convenience.
    Last time I wrote to you they were not, because you were “improving” it. I assume the above news item refers to that improvement.
    if they are available what is the price and how and where do I order one

  2. while your previous response dealt with the occasional failure to feed and the half round “adapter” ver well. I do not think I have received a response to my original query. so I’ll reiterate it here.

    what is the current status. are the available now, at what price, and how can I order one. I am active or the Ruger “lever-gun” forum and no one there seems to know what is going on either.

  3. Just ordered three more 10-round magazines today. They’re great! I have two ruger rifles I use them on and after successfully trying them out from my last order I felt confident getting more. Also, Thank you for the simple and easy to read availability calculator on the order page for your products. It updated instantly, subtracting the three I ordered from the available total when I finished. Super easy to read and understand for anyone who wants to buy them.

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