I.Q. Munitions is a small Montana-based company founded by life long outdoorsman with a fascination for all aspects of the shooting sport.

Having grown up around firearms, Gary began hand-loading ammunition in 1969. Being a young pup, it was just natural to look for ways to increase trigger time while having a lower drain on his meager bankroll. Back then his primary focus was maximizing velocity while maintaining accuracy. Or that’s what he thought was important at the time.

Jump ahead to the year 2000. He became acquainted with a long established commercial ammunition loading company who expressed an interest in a subsonic 5.56 round that would cycle an unmodified M-16 rifle for police and military use with a suppressed weapon. It took several years and many thousands of dollars but he did succeed. What he learned from this exercise was the complex relationships between bullet weights, powder burn rates, internal ballistics, and projectile stability factors. Most importantly, he had been introduced to the world of suppressors. It changed his focus from trying to achieve high velocities to learning more about accurate and functional subsonic loads.

It was a natural progression for him to want to share his personal interests and know-how with like-minded individuals. I.Q. Munitions is not just another ammunition company, but an expression of Gary’s passion for the shooting sports and all the adventure that goes with it.