10 round 44Mag magazines — in production

As of 5/9/23, we have received a shipment of aluminum, and steel, with the potential, and intention, to produce, via machining, 500 magazines — AND they are currently in production. This batch will not be our desired “under 100 dollars” magazine we were hoping to bring to the market, but, these will be made to our satisfaction, and much sooner than the injection molded kind — assuming that turns out well(we’re still hopeful).

Update 03/22/23

To our valued customers: Our last update in late 2022 promised a magazine release date by the end of the year. As luck would have it the injection molding company we contracted with failed 5 times to produce a magazine body that met our dimensional tolerances. So we are forced to suck it up and move on. We now have contracted with another company to injection mold the magazine bodies. They are roughly 14 weeks out before they can get to our project and probably another 2-3 weeks after that before a delivery date on mag bodies. Having lost 6 months of time and $15K we are still committed to bring the 10 round magazine back to market. So please hang in there .  All e-mail inquiries about magazine availability will be flagged for notification when the magazines are ready to ship


After nearly 2-years of effective silence on the front of any of the higher capacity magazines for Ruger 357, and 44mag, carbines, we are building up to a new approach to providing magazines to you, our welcomed array of Ruger carbine enthusiasts.
So, what are we up to??

  1. Plastic injection molding of the body-halves, and ‘follower’.
    — Quantity & involved-time of production was a major challenge to us from day 1 and has been a sticking point that we have wanted to overcome as we go forward.
    — Sufficient toughness and survivability of the plastic injection molded magazines is an absolute must.
  2. Fully designed, sourced, and made, in USA. We have been privileged to have a close connection with a decades-experienced Plastic Injection Molding designer, and the companies they recommend.
  3. Below 100-dollar price point.
    –Even originally the idea of selling a magazine for well-over 100 dollars was hard to stomach, but, staring at the numbers pertaining to materials-costs and machining time, we couldn’t deny the fact that ‘these things are going to cost this much?!’. This time around, one hugely favorable part is how low-cost the fiber-reinforced plastic-injection-molded bodies will be.
    —As well, we have discovered the steel feed lips are able to be scaled back considerably, so, one of the most challenging-to-produce parts has just gotten much simpler, thus reducing materials-costs, and manufacturing time, again. Excellent..!
  4. Available quantity.
    –The last time around it took us over a month(solid) to make 200+ 44-Magnum magazines. After initial handling, testing and review of 20+ ‘plastic magazines’ in the month ahead, we will be aiming to do a first-run of somewhere around 2,000 magazines, which should keep most everyone happy for a while, and we do not plan on stopping there.
  5. Regarding the 77/357 magazine: we haven’t gotten around to redesigning it for injection molding, yet, as we are still waiting to see how this endeavor with the 44Mag magazines goes. Some-day though….


  1. It has been awhile since visiting the website. Seeing your update from last September was a wonderful sight to behold.
    Unfortunately, I was thinking that I had missed out on the chance to ever obtain a ten round magazine for my Deerfield. A carbine that has become very special to me for many reasons. I am extremely thankful for your sharing your R&D process and future product plans.
    I will continue to wait patiently. But know that I’ll do my best to be first in line to purchase some of your fine magazines just as soon as they are available. Take care!

    1. Author

      Hello there..! It’s been a fairly tense process here, with some neat gains, and some real losses & setbacks. There’s a weekly bit of ‘logger heads’ that happen in house due to us not having production results yet. Expect more to see as we actually get closer. Thanks!

  2. Gary, I appreciate the refreshing honesty and communication. I’ve been keeping an eye out since missing the first batch of machined ones. I’m happy to hear that even in the face of a setback you are still determined to deliver this product. I own two Deerfields and look forward to your 10 round mags making them each a more complete all-around carbine by the end of this year. Thank you.

  3. I cannot wait to get my hands on this magazine!! Huge props to IQMunitions for seeing this great project through to completion to their standard, come hell or high-water.

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