Ruger 44 Magnum 10-Round Magazine

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  • Fits the following Ruger Carbines: 77/44 & 99/44 – Deerfield
  • 10 round capacity
  • Durable Machined Components
  • Made in Montana

*Ammunition compatibility – Please Read*

  • This magazine is best suited for cartridges with an overall length of 1.60″ to 1.645″
  • Cartridges with an overall length less than 1.60″ do not cycle properly and are not recommended
  • We are continuing to experiment with this ammunition compatibility matter; to see what updates & tweaks we may have learned about, please email us —

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Finally! A 10-round magazine for the Ruger 44 Magnum Carbines:  77/44 & 99/44 – Deerfield

Ammunition compatibility:

Fully machined assembly:

  • Machined from aircraft grade aluminum
  • Black hard anodized finish
  • Hardened feed-lips & front stud
  • Plastic magazine follower

Made in Montana.

One year manufacturer’s warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.

Want to know more about this magazine?  Check out our blog post.

Notice: Please be advised that it will be necessary to function-test with your preferred ammunition before going into the field to determine compatibility with our magazine. Insertion and removal of a loaded magazine may be easier with the bolt in the open position.

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 3.5 × 1.5 × 7 in

10 reviews for Ruger 44 Magnum 10-Round Magazine

  1. Sal Desimone CT

    I went to school for engineering and worked in a few precision machine shops including a gear cutting house. I recognize precision and quality. I have never seen a magazine with such quality and attention to detail. Firstly the design and function is perfect if you follow Gary’s instructions with regard to COL 1.610 to 1.645. I am using 1.620/1.625 COL and the mag functions flawlessly. The dimensional machining tolerances are tighter than anything acceptable for most other quality magazines. I had contemplated selling my Deerfield 9944 over the years because of the low mag capacity but not now. The rifle has double duty, home defense and hunting. Apply a little silicone on the sides of the magazine and the wood stock that they mate with and the two will break in very quickly. Awesome product in both design and execution! A real show of AMERICAN ENGINUITY

  2. David Hineline (verified owner)

    I received my order today, thanks. I have the synthetic stock and it rubs pretty hard on the magazine sides, after I use it a while I will file the stock opening a bit to make it not so tight.

    • iqmunitions_w6l0in

      David we have found that a little lube on the head of the magazine makes insertion and removal much easier. Due to the weight of a loaded magazine a “snug” fit assures the magazine stays in the gun.

  3. Brian Dillon (verified owner)

    Just returned home from the range . Your mag performed flawlessly. With both ,slow deliberate fire and mag dump. These magazines are incredible. Thank you much for bringing them to reality. I’ll be ordering another.

    • iqmunitions_w6l0in

      Brian, Thanks for the feedback. What ammo were you shooting with our magazine?

  4. David Hineline (verified owner)

    So I filed the rough edge really just a synthetic burr right at the bottom of the stock and the mags insert and remove find now. I will try a dab of lube, I am loading Berry’s 240gr HP plated double struck bullets, measuring them they are just a few thousandth shorter than your recommended minimum length. They fed perfectly, there is a lot of tension upwards on the ammo in the magazine, so the operation of opening the bolt has more drag than with the 4rnd factory magazines, which I can not imagine I will ever use again. The extended mag release makes the factory 4rnd mags truly drop free, and with practice the 10 rnd mags will be quick also.

  5. raymond- (verified owner)

    David H – I experienced the opposite. My wood stock will need a scootch relieving in the mag well area, whereas in my Ruger synthetic is glides in perfectly. Regardless, these magazines are incredible, built like an A-10 Warthog and certain to survive a nuclear (or as GWB would say, nucular) blast. Thank you, IQ Munitions !!

    • iqmunitions_w6l0in

      Thank you Ray, maybe we should call the magazine the A-10 Warthog!

  6. randy (verified owner)

    the mags are great but having them IN COMBINATION with the extended release allowing one handed mag change while holding firearm with trigger hand is even better—currently feeding RCBS 300 grainers in middle of length range and nary a problem. will be checking sierra, nosler & hornady jacketed 300s while HPing the RCBS mold with erik @

  7. Brian Albarado (verified owner)

    This magazine makes the 77/44 worth owning. It’s easy to load and feeds just as smooth as a factory mag.

  8. Frank B (verified owner)

    Magazine arrived quickly and on time. Tested the magazine in my ruger 99/44 with 20 rounds of 225gr FTX Hornady Leverevolution ammo which I.Q. Munitions lists as a suitable factory round. I loaded the magazine twice, each time with a full capacity of 10 rounds. I had one hang up half way through the first 10 rounds and no issues with the second 10 rounds. My magazine fits a little loose in my gun but overall I am extremely happy with this product. Well worth the price in my opinion. The magazine is made so well that I believe there is a little bit of a break in period with it. I plan on buying at least one more when they come back into stock. Thank you for bringing this product to market and with such high quality. I would not be surprised if ruger starts producing the 99/44 again as a result of your magazine. I would really enjoy seeing this magazine offered with a polymer body as well as the aluminum body. This would create a lighter more budget friendly version of your incredible design. Oh yea, and it’s made in Montana!

  9. Jimmy (verified owner)

    These are high quality! I filled it up twice with various SJHP, Hornaday XTP’s, and some LeverEvolutions and they all loaded and ejected perfectly in my 77/44. Thanks for producing such a quality magazine. I also have the extended mag release and that was another great improvement to this rifle. I’m ready for the 357! Thanks again!

  10. JAMES ZICKUS (verified owner)

    Did machining for for thirty years, MILLS, CNC ,HOBS, LATHES, and more, VERY NICE QUALITY. I’ve cycled it through the rifle but have not actually shot it, but I feel confident it’ll be great. By the way both my sons purchased one seeing as we all hunt with the same Ruger. Thanks Jim

    • iqmunitions_w6l0in

      Wow, the whole machining crew over here doesn’t yet have as much combined experience as you-alone, sir. Thank you for your kind words.

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