Ruger 77/44 & 77/357 Extended Magazine Release

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Removing your Ruger magazine shouldn’t be difficult!

Our extended mag release allows you to use both hands for easy magazine removal.

Works with the factory 4-round magazine and our 10-round magazine.

  • Machined from aircraft grade aluminum
  • Black hard anodize finish

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Ruger 77/44 & 77/357 series Extended Magazine Release

Easy to install

Will *NOT* work in the Ruger 99/44(Deerfield), the 96/44(Lever action), or the stainless versions with the “paddle” stock.

Contact us if you have questions.


– Revision A. , as of 09/01/23, with a couple of tweaks

–shorter ears, by 1/8″, to put the range of travel more center-line with the spring loaded detaining-nose in the receiver (we originally copied it from the length used in the factory magazine release ‘lever’)

–shorter hang-down release tab, by 0.030″, which helps reduce material waste (now we can fit the piece in 1-1/2″ wide material, instead of 1-3/4″ as before)

Additional information

Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 2 in

11 reviews for Ruger 77/44 & 77/357 Extended Magazine Release

  1. sfcjcl (verified owner)

    I own a Ruger M77/44 Carbine. Ruger has stated publicly that their design of M77 rifles with the rotary magazine follows a philosophy of a flush mounted detachable magazine and magazine release. Even though it can be a pain in the a**. I ordered this lever to fix that and itโ€™s GREAT!!!!! In fact, I own another M77 rotary magazine rifle and have replaced that one as well.
    Thank you I Q Munitions!!!

  2. MDR (verified owner)

    I ordered after receiving confirmation that the release would fit and function with Ruger’s 77/357.
    This is just what I have been searching for, having attempted to modify other extended magazine releases to no avail.
    Function is as advertised; fit in my Ruger has a small amount of side-to-side play, which I may shim out at some point.
    Overall, a solid upgrade that I can recommend without reservation.
    Thank you, IQM!

  3. Moses (verified owner)

    This directly remedies a weak point in design. It blew me away that Ruger didn’t fix this problem this was the original design in the 10/22. Bravo to Iqmunitions for putting this out. I was able to install this with just a flat screwdriver and a toothpick. It is a a giant improvement, and aides in fast magazine exchange. I can’t wait for the 10 round magazine.

  4. Shu44 (verified owner)

    The extended magazine latch works very well and is a cinch to install. It is highly recommended!

  5. Alex (verified owner)

    I just received it on Friday and its great. It took longer for me to find my tools than it took to install the new release. If your running stock 4 round rotary mags, it’s a GODSEND!!!! It makes removing the mag 3 times easier. You won’t be sorry!!!

  6. Augustus Chidester (verified owner)

    I installed five extended magazine releases in M77s with absolutely no issues.

    M77/22 22 LR (Wood stock)
    M77/22 22 WMR (Wood stock)
    M77/17 .17HMR (Wood stock)
    M77/22 22 Hornet (Wood stock)
    M77/357 ALL-WEATHER .357 magnum (synthetic stock)

    By the way, my wife absolutely loved the ease of use!

    • iqmunitions_w6l0in

      For what it’s worth, there seems to be a fit & compatibility issue with the 77-22 All-Weather, as the original magazine releases are somehow 1/8″ shorter — we are currently working on a revised mag-release for that sub-model.
      Thank You!

      • iqmunitions_w6l0in

        Contact us if you have an

          All-Weather 77-22

        , and want an extended magazine release… for the same price, we have some fresh-made modified releases that will work in this Ruger variation.

  7. Greg Umpleby (verified owner)

    Five minute install better than expected!!!! Will be repeat customer!!!

  8. Stat Geek (verified owner)

    The M77-44 is a great rifle, but the design of the original *!@#($ magazine release made me want to tomahawk the rifle over the nearest berm. ๐Ÿ™‚

    The IQM improved release took me 5 minutes to install and it works great. Best $25 firearm investment ever.

  9. Richard Miles (verified owner)

    Great little modification.

    Very easy to install, all you need to do is take out the screw behind the trigger/trigger gaurd. You do NOT need to remove the more central screw under the stock. The trigger guard will then just pop out.

    You will see the original magazine catch, to remove this, simply find the little pin at the pivot point, slide the pin out (I used a small allen key to push it through) then the original catch can be easily removed and replaced with the quick release one. I greased the pin before replacing.

    Took literally 5 minutes.

    Great service from IQ Munitions. Thanks again!

  10. Rob (verified owner)

    Great mod. Truly a 5 min install. Works as advertised. The only reason I didn’t give it 5 stars is because it will change the way you hold and carry the rifle while hunting. It will take some getting used to.

  11. James M. (verified owner)

    I have it installed on a 77/357. It’s not drop-free, and I still have to hold my mouth right a little bit to get the magazine to come loose, but it is a significant improvement over the factory release. Simple, quick install, and well made. Shipping was also very prompt. Very happy with it, much thanks!

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